At KeyPoint, we offer objective, independent and comprehensive wealth advisory solutions. Our services include investment policy design, strategic asset allocation, manager search and selection and portfolio monitoring and reporting. We believe that our narrow focus allows us to provide clients with the very best advice regarding these key areas of the investment process.

We provide completely independent, fee-only advisory services. We do not receive any third-party commissions from any of the firms that we recommend. Our independence allows us to avoid conflicts of interest and uniquely positions us to counsel in the best interest of our clients.


Investment Goals & Policy Statement Design

The investment policy document is the cornerstone of a successful wealth strategy. Working closely with clients, we undertake a thorough and comprehensive review process to understand each client’s unique goals and investment objectives.

The investment policy statement is a comprehensive document that not only addresses each client’s investment objectives but also details the following:

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Criteria for manager selection
  • Investment return and risk parameters
  • Review process

Asset Allocation

The asset allocation decision is one of the most important decision investors make as it is the primary determinant of the return and risk characteristics of a portfolio. In preparing the investment policy statement, we work closely with individual clients to understand each client’s unique requirement for capital preservation, income and growth. We also conduct a thorough assessment of risk tolerance and ability to withstand volatility. This allows us to develop an appropriate strategic asset mix of stocks, bonds and other asset classes.

Manager Research & Selection

The purpose of the search and selection process is to identify investment managers that are best suited to each client's specific mandate and circumstances.

Our assessment of investment managers considers both qualitative and quantitative factors, including:

manager research

Investment returns cannot be viewed in isolation, but rather investors must consider the risk that is undertaken to generate investment returns. We focus on risk-adjusted investment returns.

In evaluating investment managers, we consider not only an investment manager’s ability to generate superior investment performance, but also factors such as ownership, decision-making structure, fees, reporting and service.

Portfolio Reporting & Monitoring

We provide our clients with comprehensive quarterly investment reports that analyze and detail the performance of their consolidated portfolios, as well as the individual accounts held at each investment manager.

At KeyPoint, we conduct regular strategic reviews to address the following:

  • Manager performance relative to stated benchmarks
  • Asset allocation & re-balancing
  • Investment plan review relative to objectives
  • Manager audits to ensure compliance with policy

Diligent monitoring of performance relative to the investment policy statement is a key step in the process. We work with clients and investment managers to identify and correct any deviations from a client’s stated objectives as necessary.