Independent & Unbiased Advice

KeyPoint is a privately owned, independent wealth advisor. We avoid relationships or associations with organizations that could lead to conflicts of interest as we believe our independence is central to our ability to offer truly objective, unbiased counsel.

Plan Construction

Global markets move more in tandem now than historically. Developing and implementing strategies that include traditional and non-traditional asset classes can lead to broader diversification benefits, alternative opportunities for income and the possibility of enhanced returns.

Research & Diligence

We devote significant time and energy to assessing managers’ expertise. It is rare to find a manager that is a top performer in every asset class or across multiple asset classes but through rigorous research and diligence, best-in-class managers can be identified across a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Change is Constant

A successful investment plan recognizes that over time, change is the only constant. Investor circumstances or goals may evolve, or hired managers may experience a change in ownership, team turnover, prolonged performance disappointments or service lapses. We work with clients to identify and implement required changes when necessary.